Judges & supervisor

Welcome to the FCI- IGP World Championship for Tracking Dogs in Tapioszentmarton, Hungary.

The international tracking dog sport finds its yearly high point in the FCI-IGP-FH World Championship. The 2021 FCI IGP World Championship for Tracking Dogs will take place in the Kincsem Equestrian Park in Tapioszentmarton.

Tapioszentmarton, with about 6000 inhabitants, is a place in the Pest country in central Hungary. provides many interesting touristic places.

With regards to this FCI World Championship for Tracking Dogs, we should pause and think for a few moments about our four-legged friends, helpers, and lifetime companions. Being together with this wonderful animal is a foundation of human survival and a source of respect for nature and all living creatures. Whether it is for competition, companionship, assistance, security or search and rescue, in good and bad times, dogs are man’s best friend. All dog handlers, especially those entering this competition, prove that training dogs is worthwhile and should also be fun for both, dog and dog handler.

The permanent, sport-orientated training of our tracking-dogs from the lowest up to the highest level of a world championship, offers useful information to all responsible and success-oriented breeders. In addition, at the world championship it is a demonstration of a dog’s stability and ability under the pressure of examination and the public eye.

Organizing a World Championship requires many days and long hours of preparation, voluntary work and a lot of effort and stress. At this point my special thanks go our host Imre Palffi and all the members of the teams who did all this work.

My thanks also go to the tracklayers who have to walk about 90, more or less equal tracks, so that the participants will have similar conditions during the World Championship.

I wish all the best to all competitors, who managed to pass through qualifications in their home countries. I also whish the best to the judges who need a wealth of experience and a full measure of objectivity to be able to observe and mark the competitors fairly.

I hope all the competitors, guest and friends of dog sport will enjoy their stay at the Kincsem Equestrian Park and experience the hospitality of the Hungarian people first-hand.

May the competition run smoothly and according to plan and may it be a success.

On behave of the FCI Utility Dogs Commission
Frans Jansen

I completed my first competitions with my dog in the year 1986 the dog training professionally practiced with 7 dogs I reached the level IPO 3, I took over 30 exams with different dogs

Participation at the World Championship WUSV:

  • 1993 Niemegen (NL)
  • 1994 Hradec Králové (CZ)
  • 1996 Turku (FIN)
  • 2005 Hagenau (F)
  • 2006 Randers (DK)

Participation at the World Championship IPO:

  • 1994 Varese (I)
  • 1995 Luxemburg (L)
  • 2005 Nova Gorica (SLO)
  • 2006 Breda (NL)

Participation at the World Championship IPO FH:

  • 1994 Bruck an der Leitha /A/
    1997 Frederikssund (DK) – 2. Place
  • 1998 Yverdon (CH)
  • 1999 Chomutov (CZ)
  • 2000 Bad Doberan (D) – 2. Place
  • 2002 Vranov nad Topľou – 2. Place
  • 2008 Vranov nad Topľou – 3. Place
  • 2009 Chalon d. Champagne (F) – 6. Place
  • 2010 Grosuplje / SLO/ – 4. Place

I was several times Slovakian Champion

I participated at lots of CACIT – trials – in Slowakia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Belgium, Hungary and Holland

Team leader at the WM IPO FH in the years 2001, 2003, 2007,2009

Since 1991 judge for performance

Several times in qualification competitions to the World Championships IPO, FH, WUSV, as well as to the CACIT – competitions not only in Slovakia, but also in Belgium, Poland, Russia, Estonia and in Ukraine, Austria.

I have been training dogs since early 90-ties starting as a helper, later also A and B parts. Dogtraining is for me a passion I really enjoy.

I have competed at world championships 9 times with my different dogs (2 times FCI IPO, 1 time FCI IPO-FH, 3 times FMBB IPO and 3 times IDC IPO).
Best place at IDC IPO, 10-th place (Apolda Germany, 2009)

In have achieved several podium places at Estonian championshisps with different dogs in IPO and also IPO-FH.

 As FCI IPO judge I have previously judged:

  • 2016 Rottweiler World Championships in IPO (part A)
  • 2015 Bouvier World Championships in IPO (part C)
  • 2019 Finnish IGP-FH championships
  • 2019 CACIT IPO in Latvia (part A)
  • 2017 CACIT IPO in Finland (part C)
  • 2016 Latvian German Shepherd Championships in IPO (A, B , C)
  • 2016 Finnish Dobermann IPO Championships (A, B, C)
  • 2016 CACIT IPO in Finland (part A)
  • 2016 Finnish Rottweiler Championships (parts A, B)
  • 2014 Vilnius (Lithuania) Cup in IPO (parts A, B, C)
    Also several times Estonian different breeds and all breed championships.
    I have been participating in FCI annual training seminars for judges 6 times (2009, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2018, 2020).
    I am member of FCI Utility Dog Comission since 2005.
    2003–2006 Member of the Board of Estonian Kennel Union
    2006–2008 Chairman of the Council of Estonian Kennel Union
    I speak English, Finnish and Russian.

 More info about me can be found at my home page https://aivooblikas.com/

I wish everyone a good competition and lot of success!

Organizational work for local German Shepherd club in Denmark.

  • 1983: Member in German shepherd local club Haderslev.
  • 1985: Member in German shepherd club Danmark.
  • Through 16 -17 years on a board of directors for German Shepherd local club Haderslev.
  • Through many years Schæferhundeklubben kreds 38 – Haderslev´s Working dogcontact person to German shepherd club Danmark.
  • Through 18-20 years trainer and Gr.C helper.
  • Through 10 years verified trial Gr.C helper
  • 2002 startet working dog judge training.
  • 2004 Authorized judge.
  • 2002 til 2013: Member of shepherd club for Danmarks working dog council.
  • Period of year’s member of schæferhundeklubbens judge education committee.
  • 2012 – 17 Member of Danish Kennel Club working dog committee.

 Judge work

  • National judge in Denmark, where I judge many regional and smaller competitions throughout the country

Judges following

  • Schæferhundeklubben for Danmark / danish shepherd dog club.
    • About 25 – 30 Local club tests per annum. (200 to 250 dogs per annum + DC)
    • Danish championships IPO/IGP.3 DC, 2008,10,12,15,16,17,18,19, 20 (21 august)
    • (FH) IFH.1 DC, 2007 & 2012. + IFH.2 DC. 2004, 13, 15, 20.
    • Danish Championship IGP.1 DC. 2005, 06, 07, 08, 09, 12, 13, 14, 15,16, 17, 18, 19, 20, (21 september)
  • Denmark´s civil dog handler associatin IPO.3 DC. 3 times.
  • Denmark´s kennel klub – IPO.3 DC, 2009, 14, 16, 17. (21 june)
  • Rottweiler Club IPO.3 DC.
  • Dobermann Club IGP.3 DC
  • Boxer club IGP. DC.
  • Headjudge / über Richter at multiple Danish championship.
  • Judge at multiple selections for Danish championship: IGP.3 and IFH.

2007 verified SV. Auslandsrichter.

2018 WUSV-IGP.3 WCH. Judge for: Down under Distraction.